How it started:

In 2020 Covid hit and it was as if there would be no Christmas. There were no Santas at the mall, no holiday events…. So Aodhan took it upon himself to do something to help. He began construction on his outfit. Every piece has been made by or altered by him in one fashion or another. Door to door armed with a mask and face shield. From Seashells to pants Aodhan remembers every person he met. He attempted to do a drive through where children could visit safely with Santa from inside their car at a local church, but it was unsuccessful. Nevertheless he continued on to bring cheer and hope to people he knew. This year armed with a vaccine and a mask he intends to spread that same hope. Being Santa isn’t reserved just for for when you wear the suit. It is a year round event and something you carry with you deep in your heart. This year, armed with a vaccine and a face mask… And this time a beard, he intends to once again go forth and spread joy. From pants to seashells he will never forget that first Christmas.

Who is Aodhan?

Aodhan is 34 years young, Cherokee and Gael he takes a lot of pride in his mixed heritage. An artisan by trade he is best known for his Earth Pigment Painted hides (Shown to the left) using stones, charcoals and plants he creates paint that is tattooed and pressed into hides in an ancient traditional style. He is a minister and attended Seminary School through the Esoteric Interfaith Church and holds a Doctorate in Ancient Theology. He is always studying the past to be better prepared for the future. He is a Highland Dancer and Pow Wow dancer. His favorite Christmas movies are “Miracle on 34th street” and “The Small one” his favorite Christmas songs are “Walking in the Air” from The Snowman and “Carol of the Bells” his favorite Christmas stories are “A Christmas Carol” “The Red Ranger Came Calling” and “Why Christmas Trees aren’t perfect” before he became Santa he would often be found driving to houses on Christmas eve and reading these books. His hero is Mr. Rogers.

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